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LF Female Reindeer
I just need a few reindeer, my current herd is poor at giving me replacements. I can offer some Dodos, Hyracotherium, $, a couple perfect potions, even some pairings of dinosaurs. I'm willing to negotiate prices for each Reindeer. I will not accept offers with almost dead reindeer.
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Post: #316442
Still looking!
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Post: #316448
Hey! How many are you looking for?
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Post: #316449
As many as you are willing to part with, but at least 3 females... I've got males left over and the last female I have died just today. The latest fawn is also male. Though depending on what you want I might even by another male.
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Post: #316453
Still looking for Reindeer, I might actually buy some males soon.
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Post: #316457
Sorry about the delay! I have a pile of females going your way, with a few males tossed in there too. I believe they'll be old enough to breed this upcoming season.
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Post: #316458
How much do you want for them?
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