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Nightling was digging her den out. Well widening a den of her own out. It had been abandoned by wolves regular wolves and she was surprised this territory was abandoned. Game was there and she found winter berries. She focused on digging and kept her mind off her sweet tooth for the moment and spent a few hours widening it and then got evergreen boughs to bed down on shaking them free of snow and she curled up it was a good fit and under a tree so it was stable... She could widen it to accomadate a nest. Males only stuck around for brooding so the female didn't have to abandon her eggs to go hunt... She knew males actually preferred smaller females they made better mothers as a general rule investing more time into fewer offspring. Nightling started to doze in her new den...
A few hours later Nightling woke up slinking out of her new den to find a larger male dragon outside her den. Male territories overlapped several females and Nightling wouldn't enter estrus until she coordinated with her new neighbors so to speak... Speaking of which she got up and found she had no neighbors and this male was just a stray... He was a solid black except a brilliant green stripe down his spine with a neat bone white row of spikes down the back and a good pair of horns... Everything about Nightling was sleek he was bulkier in general... She spread her wings out good sized wings were an indicator of good health growing up... This male had an impressive wingspan and he was interested... But she was hungry and went prowling for a deer or something in the forest... Finding nothing for over an hour but still plenty of sign there she went to a river to fish. The male was confused as she stood perfectly still waiting for a fat trout to swim under her and she snapped it up easily...
Nightling was still hungry after the fish and the male was still around and she growled at him telling him clearly she wanted space... She saw a deer in the distance and went into predatory mode and he saw what she was doing and let her stalk the deer it was an old stag that was clearly tired... She made the kill easily and was about to go for the best parts but the male stole them from her and she let the lightning spark in her maw. She was left in peace to finish her meal and he ate more of her kill... She still had some bones to chew on for a few hours afterwards...
Alex was gliding across the snow and actually found Nightling and she had a meaty bone she was chewing on and a pile of others to start chewing on... Having just eaten a meal of winter berries a plant that needed to freeze then warm up to the typical temprature of a warm blooded creature and then be frozen again to germate and sprount in the spring it was a winter staple. She wasn't hungry and she saw the male dragon prowling around and he saw her and he wanted her for dinner a brief flutter up a tree saved her. Since the male dragon was more bored than anything else he let her go and she chittered down at him knocking a pine cone on his head. The dragon growled up at her bearing teeth and she considered eliminating waste on him but he left and she stayed until the coast was clear and went from tree to tree to a hollow tree trunk to nest in for the time being...

We are starting off in the middle of a bitter winter
A feral dragon and mythical creature rp no humans at all they never existed but creatures like werecreatures and kitsune do have a humanoid form.
this is just life in a savage world of magic.

realistic sizes

standard exhibited rules

all parties must consent to a fight or a killing

romance is allowed but nothing more than nuzzles licks hugs and rubs

spells are allowed but they have an energy cost...

breeding is allowed but no details...

Word Minimum
100 words per post.

Joinable Species
sea serpent
were creature be specific

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