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November's End Raffle!
Hi All, This is the actual raffle page for what was talked about earlier, please direct questions to that thread. This is strictly for the raffle.

1. Only one entry per person, Entry is free!
2. Only one drawing, ie no second or third place prizes at this moment, please don't ask for another drawing.
3. Winner must message me directly to receive their prizes, this is to gauge activity so I'm not sending prizes to a now inactive account.
4. If I do not hear back from the winner, I will remove them from the pool and redraw the new winner. This process will repeat if needed.
5. Please use this thread only for entry into the Raffle, there is another thread you can discuss things on.

That's all I think is needed for this moment, if stuff comes up I'll update the rules. Drawings should happen the 30th or at the very latest December 5th. Just type here that you want an entry, direct conversation to the other thread please! And with that let's move on to the prizes!


- Two (2) Perfect Potions
- 1 Female Dimetrodon (Freshly bred once I receive confirmation of your activity) Which should have all 6 perfects and all positive genes as well as 0% inbreeding value!
- 100,000 EXD

I will breed which ever pre-existing (I.E. Pairs I have set up to avoid inbreeding and such) pair you choose when I get a reply. You will be able to pick between the two offspring (I'm guaranteeing the gene traits, colors and eyes are secondary but I'll try the rarer stuff!) after they hatch. I do come on daily so the minimum should be 3 days. Please ask your questions in PMs or the other thread! Thank you for Participating!
~ For the Swarm! ~
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