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Memento Mori?
The End is here, who is here with me?
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316430
I have actually chosen not to believe in mortality. Viva la dinosaurs

"They found a weird calling card, in a puddle of body parts, inside a bowl of angel hearts that the children were eating." -AJJ
Post: #316431
Not much longer, One Year is ending.
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Memento Vitae~
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316433
? confused ah

To Preserve and Prosper... Will be more active around 20th to 25th During Herbivore breeding season Female Cycle (10-17-24-31-38-45)-(52-59-66-73-80) (01-02-03-04-05-06)-(07-08-09-10-11)NGP (02-04-06-08-10-12)-(14-16-18-20-22)GP
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Ah, I made this sometime during the Unus Annus livestream. Was trying to see if someone from here also heard of it. Don't bother looking for the stream, it's over and deleted now.
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