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Potential Raffle?
I was thinking of things to do to liven up the site a bit, what better way than a raffle? I believe we can transfer items and dinosaurs to people as long as we have their ID. It'd probably be a very simple Raffle, ie each person enters once and I use a name pulling site to get the winner. I'll test a few sites prior. I don't think I'll do tiered winners, and if the winner isn't present for like, a week, I'll remove their name from the raffle and reroll it for the new winner. Entering would be free! I'd probably pull names on the 30th the very latest. I can edit this post or delete it and replace it with the raffle itself should it garner enough interest, at least 3 people I think is good (That way it's more of a raffle and less of a coinflip).
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Post: #316417
Sure man How about a gp dinosaur as a Prize.
Raffle 1.30 numbers and each user get 3 numbers

My numbers 14 24 12

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Post: #316419
This would be a good idea, I'm all in.
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Post: #316421
I was thinking just 1 entry, 1 prize, using the person's name/ID number.
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Post: #316422
I was also thinking one of my Dimes being put for this raffle, or perhaps one of my Allos/Alberts/Spinos. I know Dimes are pretty rare nowadays and cost about 50 scales per breed change item. I've also got a few perfect potions lying around.
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Post: #316423
I also have some non-inbred Terror Birds.
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Post: #316426
Ah ive got plenty of Dimes if you wanted one for less then 50 scales xD Preferred if i bred one for you rather then outright sell from my farm though.

To Preserve and Prosper... Will be more active around 20th to 25th During Herbivore breeding season Female Cycle (10-17-24-31-38-45)-(52-59-66-73-80) (01-02-03-04-05-06)-(07-08-09-10-11)NGP (02-04-06-08-10-12)-(14-16-18-20-22)GP
Post: #316427
I already have a few dimes I can breed. And I also have terror birds, I remember those being pretty hard to get a hold of back then... particularly those without inbreeding.
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Post: #316428
So, only 2 people? I'm still up for doing this!
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Post: #316429
I'm up for it as well.
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