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Interest in Large Predators?
I'm quite confident I have all the large predator species and I was wondering if people would be interested in any. I breed em only so many times to keep a steady population going, but as I have 2 incubators I wouldn't mind upping the breedings if people have requests for species they'd like the buy. I try for 6/6 perfects, but I can say they will all be 0% inbred. Colors depend on who breeds with who that isn't inbred, ima try and get less related individuals in these enclosures and all, but pairing requests aren't gonna be accepted at this time to avoid inbreeding and all. If I have any I'm willing to sell, I'll post em in sale's section. I'm posting here to try and see the interest in this and all, with the small player population as it is.
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I am interested.
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I'd be interested! Though I'd have to go check on what large predators of mine have 6/6 for anything and hopefully dont have any good line-aged dinos for such projects.
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My farm is pretty open to studding from my males if you need a good gp. prices can vary but give me a message and we can sort something out

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I'd be interested!
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