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Dinosaur Sales

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LF Coelophysis
Looking for Coelophysis at this time! Preferably unbred gen 1's, but bred and/or gen2+ works well too. Will not accept any inbred Coelophysis, I want to keep the lines clean. Willing to haggle, will buy each at the starting price of $7500. I kinda wanna work on mostly Coelo's at the moment as they seem pretty interesting.
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316406
Might be able to get you one if you can wait a bit for me to breed my gen 1 ones

+3 hours to server clock
Post: #316407
Actually nvm Didn't realize they had contracts on them and already reached their limit, sorry about that. If you ever get a male though I can exchange it for a female

+3 hours to server clock
Post: #316410
Ah, not looking for exchanges, looking for buying dinosaurs.
~ For the Swarm! ~
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