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So Exhibited 2 was announced and did everyone just leave ?

why did everyone sell most of there dinosaurs ?
Farms everywhere no dinosaurs at all like. i dont understand why theres no one playing but im sure everyone will prob check out Evosaur when its realeased but why not play exhibited till then...

and i do realise when i started playing i was 11 so now im 20 my life has not changed that much and other peoples lifes change and they might not have time to come on here anymore. its just sad. I remember how nice the under 13 community was and then finally turning 14 and my account got access to the boards and everyone was just as welcoming and helpful.

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By exhibited 2, you mean evosaur? We haven't gotten any news or updates in the past 4 years for the game..Or anything from the devs.

I'm sure a lot of people have given up at this point since the waits been so long..
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And if it is over then why not come back to this xD life nothing ever happened idk why people sold all there dinosaurs off ect ect Ready for Evosaur?

There being a sequal or not doesnt take away from exhibited and i think if they never shut down registrations it would still be getting new players ect ect and be active.

To Preserve and Prosper... Will be more active around 20th to 25th During Herbivore breeding season Female Cycle (10-17-24-31-38-45)-(52-59-66-73-80) (01-02-03-04-05-06)-(07-08-09-10-11)NGP (02-04-06-08-10-12)-(14-16-18-20-22)GP
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Maybe people are getting tired of wasting their time on merely promises and nonactivity..

Not to mention, Exhibited is pretty dead compared to other pet sites.
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I still hop on now and then to tend to what's left of my dino collection. I doubt I'll get more grade A barosaurs like these since other people aren't on as much lol.

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Hopefully since Wolvden has been sort of completed they can send more focus to evosaur.

+3 hours to server clock
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That does seem likely, I mean there is a Deviantart Group for Evosaur and last year Xylax did mention they were still working on code and stuff and were holding back on releasing art.
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