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For all general things in Exhibited that don't fall under any other categories.

All time favourite game.
Well its been 9 years from 11 to 20 and i have not found any game like Exhibited.. Its just everything i wanted and more Id just like to say thanks to kitty and the Community that welcomed me back then.

Im hoping Evosaur will be realeased but as long as exhibited stays here il be back...

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I agree 110%! I love this game and am so worried that it will just get forgotten.... I tried to play wolvden and was not a huge fan of it. I am currently trying Lioden and its been ok so far but nothing still compares to Exhibited. I am still waiting on Evosaur and hopeful it will be done soon
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Same, there doesn't seem to be a dinosaur raising game that scratches this specific itch. I've been playing some Jurassic World Evolution and have played some ARK, but nothings is quite like this.
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