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Added a Guide for Wishing Well Items!
If any of y'all ever use the well and have some items laying about you haven't used and plan on using them please comment the results there! I wanna get a guide up even if there aren't many people here anymore. The Library doesn't have a whole lot about these items and I wanna change that.
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316372
I didn't even know the wishing well gave items! I've used it a few times, but I guess I never noticed because of the clutter in my inventory.

So thank you for making a guide. I, for one, really appreciate it. :)
Post: #316373
Yeah, you gotta throw a lot of money down the well. Figures since I don't have too much to spend what I've save on, I'd figure I'd at least find out what some items do since Raptorpedia doesn't have them listed.
~ For the Swarm! ~
Post: #316374
Ah, that explains why I never got anything!

I just got a Fluffy Kitten and gave it to a dino, and she got an Aggressive personality. I guess the items can have multiple results, then?
Post: #316376
I think the Wishing Well items, or at least some of them, just change a dino's personality and don't have any additional effects. I used a Water Spray on a dino once and all it did was give her a Timid personality.
Post: #316387
I just chucked in $500 about.... 31 times, and got a water spray.
Post: #316388
I just chucked in $500 about.... 31 times, and got a water spray.
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