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i miss the good ole days
i used to play this game every single day between 2009-2012. i lost my old account and created a new one to see if it was still in action. genuinely considering creating a gofund me to make enough money to bribe big mama into reviving this game.
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I mean, apparently they are still working on Evosaur, it's just been kinda put to the side since most people working on it are currently working on Wolvden. Not sure giving Kitty money will make her re-open this old site to new people. It's not even updating anymore, only automated events happen. The reason for this site closing off registration is mainly to prevent people from coming to the old site. The only reason the old site is up is so it can update the old people here with the new site cause people can transfer things from here to Evosaur.
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I really hate that this site has gone so dormant. This community got me out of a lot of dark places through the years I have been on here and I really hope people start playing again or Evosaur gets finished. I bought scales and still havent gotten them :(
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See if you can't message some of the mods or Kitty to get scales going through.
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Same! This game was my childhood. I actually learnt most of my English on this site in the RP section and I loved taking care of my raptors. Can't get on my old account anymore though and I'm bummed. I miss the people that I used to talk to, I wonder how they're doing.

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@Echo: I have. Even messaged on facebook asking for them and still haven't gotten them.... it really makes me sad.

@Engelenmaker: That is actually awesome knowing that people on here helped you with that! I miss a lot of my old friends too but I have been trying to make some with the players that are active nowadays
You are who you set out to be!
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Finally managed to log in to my old account. Oh, wow, the memories!
I promised my sister (like 10 years ago) that we'd play Exhibited together once she was old enough and could read English. She reminded me of that promise today when I mentioned this site. New promise = we're going to play Evosaur together. I wonder if we'll see some old folk from here on the new site ^_^

To be honest, I'm really surprised (and happy ) that there are still people playing this game. I might get back into it if I have time.

Ace, do you have proof of your purchase? Maybe when Evosaur is up and running you could message them and get some scales (or whatever currency they'll use) on that site. Still sad that you paid for something and didn't get it. Hopefully it will eventually be resolved for you.

Edit) From an old answer (november 2019) on the Evosaur deviantart, it seems that someone else is handling the payouts. Don't know who though.
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