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Talk about anything and EVERYTHING here, but keep it friendly.

Quarintine is Lonely
To be honest I'm just really bored so how about I attempt to socialize with other people. So, let's talk about our Quarantine Experiences and other random things.
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Yeah, it's been weird lately, that's for sure. I recently had to use Zoom for the first time - I don't like video calling at all, but it was kinda nice to see people I haven't seen in a while.

I've been reading a lot as well. There are so many good books in the world, it's nice to have an excuse to read more.

How about you?
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My son and boyfriend are keeping me busy! Also decided to start gardening, it is taking off a little too well since I live in city limits and I am running out of space! I also got chickens.... shouldn't have since I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second son! But makes the days go by quicker and now that I am logging back on here, a week has gone by like nothing!
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Even though non-essential workplaces are being shut down temporarily, I'm still working at a cafe in a medical center. The hours have been cut severely so I'm just getting 3.5 hours a day, which sucks so much. I'm dying because I can't get my hair shaved or get new prescription glasses ;A;

But despite all that, I've been getting more into art and trying my hand at painting.
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Yeah, it's been kinda weird lately. It's hard to focus out of school since it was my only place I could really focus and having to do it online is very annoying. Yet my art skills have gotten better and I have been doing some creative typing more often. This year has been both stressful and relaxing if you know what I mean.
Ya flippin' yeet
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I am quarantined with my bf in a studio apartment and have never been so close to committing a capital offense. I worked large events so I have no job, my parents claimed me as a dependent on taxes despite me moving out 2 years ago, university still hasn't reimbursed me for housing and I have $80 to my name. On the bright side I've caught up with all my shows and have perfected the art of burrito making.

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Been with my folks since like the 1st week of quarantine, left my dorm mid-first week. With them and my younger siblings now. Online courses have been rough since a lot of them were in-person before. Been looking for jobs since the stuff I had lined up earlier this year are gone cause of the recent pandemic.
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