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Errand Issue
So I was taking some errands for a bit of extra cash when I saw the items that I needed to complete the task, one of them being a Sandwich of DOOM. I searched the player market for one since they were out of stock at the NPC store. I soon discovered they were considered rare items and can cost millions of in-game dollars. I do not have the money to afford something like this in the slightest. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?
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OH, they are very cheap at the NPC store. But only a few are restocked at a time. In the store they are around... 500? maybe 750? People hoard them cause feeding them to dinos gives them xp.
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Yeah, they're extremely cheap in the NPC food store, you just have to stop by before someone else buys them up.

The stores restock every few hours I think, so you should be able to find them before long.
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Thank you both for letting me know about this! Because I had never seen the item before, I assumed it was a seasonal thing.
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I'm assuming people also hoard the Bottle of Milk item as well?
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I don't think so. You can buy it at the Vet Store, and it's usually in stock.
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