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Taking a Herd Off Auction?
I named a herd for auction and accidentally clicked the wrong herd for auction..... Is there a way to take it off? I would really like to not lose nearly my entire herd of Hyracotherium because of a misclick due to someone snatching them up at a low price and not giving them back. I even named the herd as "PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS WAS A MISTAKE". I do have the original herd I was going to auction, but I am not gonna put them up in case someone does end up buying the herd I put up as a mistake so I can at least regain what I had originally.
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Are you allowed to bid on your own auctions? If someone bids, you could outbid them.

If that doesn't work and someone does bid, you'll probably be able to get them back. Most of the people who still log in seem pretty nice, and probably wouldn't try to take your herd on purpose.
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