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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Reviving the Monthly Auctions!
Finally dusting a few things off and auctioning herbivore pairs for starting herds. I'm limiting it to a few since not many people are on now a days and the grades on some of my herds has been slipping a bit. I'll be auctioning Grade A+ herbivores at the hatchling/baby stage so you get the most breeding out of them. Prices start low, 5000-7500 depending on species.
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Hey there! What species are you willing to sell?
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Ooh, I can't wait to see what you post for auction. Do you know how often and the approx dates you're wanting to start them on?
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Ah, dates are kinda wonky. Depends on when I can get on, but I plan to do em at least once a month. Species will start out small, since I only have a few at A+ grade at the moment, but hopefully all species on my farm will be up for auction... maybe I'll do a random few species each month and put all the species' names in an picker to do that.
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