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Valentines Item Exchange
So far I've only found 4 of the items I need and a bunch of ones I don't! So if anyone needs anything, I'll be posting what I have and hopefully others will want to as well.

I need Valentines Heart Balloons, but if you don't have any and need something, I'm more than willing to give you them!

Valentines Heart Plush: 11

Valentines Heart Necklace: 4

Valentines Flower Crown: 4

Valentines Perfume Bottle: 3

Valentines Teddy Bear: 3

Valentines Diamond Ring: 1

(Are Romantic Cruise Tickets part of the event? I honestly can't remember, but I've got about 7 of them)
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Post: #316321
I can trade one for one, I have lots of balloons from last year's event. I'll do it for Heart Plushes.
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Post: #316328
Sending you PM
Sei's shop of mystery meat! "Our meat can't be beat!"
Post: #316331
I'll set up a few, you can make an offer

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