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Hello to those who are left
It's been a long while since seeing anyone online while I'm online. Anyone still play fairly actively?
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I've been playing daily! I'm not super active on the forums, but there's a lot to do in this game. :)
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Oh, I'm so glad! I've really enjoyed this game since joining so many years ago and was hoping there was still some player base left. I've never been one to be active in forums either. Do you know if there are still mods or admin that still check the site? I really want to buy some scales, but afraid they might not work
Sei's shop of mystery meat! "Our meat can't be beat!"
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It's definitely not as active here since the admin closed new user registrations, but usually a few people log in every day.

I'm not sure whether the staff log in much, I think I've seen a few mods around, but no admins. I haven't bought scales in a long time, so I'm not sure if that feature still works or not, hmm.
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Thank you, that pretty much answers everything I need to know. Here's to hoping that some more people become active again to help with the dwindling gene pool and herbivores haha
Sei's shop of mystery meat! "Our meat can't be beat!"
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