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Other Browser Game Y'all Play?
Kinda curious what the fragments of the Exhibited player-base also go to besides here.

I tend to mess around on BeastKeeper, Lioden, Sylestia and recently Flight Rising. There are a Few other games I mess around I can't remember off the top of my head. I don't have the same username on these tho.
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I've been on Howrse and Chicken Smoothie for years, and log in pretty much daily on both. I tried a few other games, but I'm pretty sure all my old accounts expired, haha.

I used to love trying out virtual pet games, and honestly they're still a lot of fun sometimes!
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I've just been doing flightrising...
It was only ever this site and howrse, but in the past six months I decided to play flightrising...
Mayhap a bit of lioden and some wolf game thing that weren't my thing. (kind of hope evosaur isn't too like lioden)
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I play quite a few, but only am active on some. There's Lioden, Goatlings, Subeta, Felisfire, Flight Rising, and Furvilla. To be honest, I've gotten into more but disinterest has caused me to forget them lol
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