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Holiday Gifts!
I want to get in the festive holiday spirit, so I'm going to give some things away. Post here if you'd like a present, and I'll send them out over the next few days, one per person. They probably won't be valuable items, but hopefully they'll be fun to open. Think apparel for your avatar, maybe overlays for your dinos (I'll make sure they're compatible with your dinos before sending!). Stuff like that.

Also anyone else can join in the gift giving if they feel like it. It's not a requirement, so don't feel like you have to!

Also does anyone want a female 4/6 Gg Baryonyx? I want to give her to someone who would be interested in breeding Baries, or is already breeding them. You'll still qualify for a present too. :)
Post: #316295
If that Bary is still available I'd love her. I lost my stock a little while back and would love to get back into breeding Bary's
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Post: #316296
She's all yours then! I transferred her over, hopefully it worked. I haven't done a dino transfer in a while!

Also I'll send you a present at some point, once I decide what to send. :)
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