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Breeding Programs? Who's Alive?
Hello everyone! It seems Exhibited is looking rather sparse lately, huh? With the mods here on EX practically nonexistent and the creators at Evosaur either putting the sequel on the back burner or failing to post updated content, things around here seem to be....well, rather dull. And uninspired.

Is there anyone who still frequents the site and is generally active? I was wondering if there was any interest in doing some sort of breeding program? My stock consists entirely of Acrocanthosaurus, but they are very, very well bred. Speaking of, I am considering selling a few sub adults and hatchlings for those that may be interested.

I'm open to just about anything, considering the lack of activity on EX nowadays. If there is any interest in doing a little breeding project, please feel free to comment or pm me with ideas, inquires, plans etc! I would like to get a couple new dino species at my park if anyone is interested in that sort of thing (disclaimer: I'm really only into the large theropods). Thanks everyone :)

Breeding Grade A+ Acros for anyone who is interested in high quality animals with good lineages and conformation.
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I'm pretty active, I did have some Allos and Albertas but I kinda forgot to breed em, I do have Arcos, Rexes, Barys, Spinos, and Carnos tho! I'm also working on several raptor species for funsies. I'm looking into getting some reindeer, but one guy who offered hasn't been on for a while.
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Late to the party, but I just started a Utahraptor project. No specific reason, I just felt like trying to breed some GP Utahs.

I think I have some Lolos on my 2nd account, at some point I might dust those off and try building up a breeding program for them too. They're tricky though, as I recall, because the gene pool for them is so tiny.
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Hey im looking to be more active soon and i have quite the extensive job daily when i am but can possibly offer studs or sales
[Will be more active in the days leading to herbivore breeding season]
15th-25th im aiming for

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i am
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There's a reason I've never tried to document a lineage in my breeding programs before... and the reason is that it's really hard!

I may need to start a spreadsheet at some point, because my Utahraptor project is producing some very ungainly names. I started with numbered males and alphabetical females, but now my dinos have names like RrSsTtvv 2/6 5C2A+3E1B because of that, lol.
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XD, I'm gonna figure out a better naming system and get a better method of breeding. I feel it's way too easy to get an unmanageable amount of dinosaurs if one isn't too careful.
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Yeah, space, time, and resources definitely become an issue. The only reason I can handle my current dino population is because I have the 3rd Party Battle Panel to quickly generate money, but even that is becoming a bit much.

I'm limiting each dino to two offspring currently, but then they still take up space for the remainder of their lives, haha.
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Aye, but for at most 70 days they provide good money for ya. Since you can battle em and even bet on races from them.
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Post: #316326
Absolutely! There's lots of good money in those dinos, it just takes a lot of clicking.

Betting on races? I'm trying to remember if this is a thing I know about.
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Ye, you can only do it three times a day, and only when you are picking the trials for a racing dino. It'll show you each dino's odds of winning and you can bet 1,000 EXD on em.
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Oh wow, I had no idea that was a thing. Thanks for teaching me something new today!
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I'm here! I'm working on a natural pattern project.
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That sounds neat! Good to see another breeding project happening.
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Ah im 20 years old and have a allo pack i started with inbreds im pretty happy how they are now Royalty i started this when i was 11 so its been a long road.
Sad times fall upon us all..
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My Utahraptor breeding project is going well! I'm on gen 5 now, and and produced a few GP dinos, and am getting closer to 6/6 perfects.

Also I'm breeding for marking patterns other than Skeleton, which is the most common pattern in the species. I'd like to bring a little more visual variety into the species.
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