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Looking for a Reindeer Herd Starter
I'm looking for Reindeer to raise, since it seems you can't buy them from the scale shop. I'm alright with just one male and female, though I'd pay extra for any extra females. Grade doesn't matter to me. Message me what you think a reasonable price is and we can haggle a bit. I'd prefer the animals be no older than 30 so I atleast get a few more breedings out of them before they pass. Anyone trying to sell me animals that'll die within days will be ignored.
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I'm buying with EXD, I've got a decent amount stocked up and am continuing to add to it after the last splurge on supplies.
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Yo man ive prob got a male and female spare for you to have how much you paying for them?

Just had a few been bred

To Preserve and Prosper... Will be more active around 20th to 25th During Herbivore breeding season Female Cycle (10-17-24-31-38-45)-(52-59-66-73-80) (01-02-03-04-05-06)-(07-08-09-10-11)NGP (02-04-06-08-10-12)-(14-16-18-20-22)GP
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I'd prob pay around 450,000 - 500,000 for the pair.... about 200,000 for the male and 250,000+ for each female. I'd pay a bit lower if the grade isn't A+. I'd say... if they were solid D I'd pay 250,000 for the pair, 100,000 for the male and 150,000 for each female. I'm willing to barter a bit, I'm not that short on EXD, but I'm trying to keep a bit in the bank for other projects.
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If you told me how much a Reindeer herd costs in Scales I can convert it differently (for 5 scales on the Scale Shop page, you get 500,000 EXD. So technically if we go game base, a standard D grade wooly mammoth herd is roughly 500,000 EXD since you pay 5 scales for them). I'd still pay pretty high in general, I've got a lot of battle dinos and high leveled racers I can bet on.
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I have some if you are still looking!
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