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Clean Cuts Butchery!
I've been cultivating a ton of different herbivores and I always raise and keep the grade at A+. I'll be selling the meat and fish heads at Recycle Center pricing. Stock might be a bit slow to add, so I won't completely fill up the shop (maybe 2-3 times a month? I'll keep some stock over until I run out for the month) so that people can later on buy some. I do regular culling to both feed my dinos and for sales as well since I don't need that many males for herbi breeding purposes. All species can be seen on my farm for a good idea of what you are buying. I'll probably hold off on combining meat for the time being though. Mabe suggestions for the next herbivores to raise up would be nice? Currently I'm raising up Kentros and Hyracos to the appropriate grade and all other current pens are getting expanded for more animals. I'll be holding off on mammoths for a little while though.
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The shop is fully stocked and I've got a bunch in storage! I've also added Ammosaurus, Bactrosaurus, Camptosaurus, Iguanodon, and Leaellynasaura as herds to my herbivore herds. All of em are still grade D and small herds, but with time I'll be adding them to the meat shop as well. The Kentros are ready and the Hyracos only have a little while before they react A+ from A grade.
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Still have a nearly full shop of A+ Grade meat!
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Still nearly fully stocked!
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Still stocked up! I'll be throwing random stuff in too on occasion!
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