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Buying a Black T-Rex (Preferably GP) (Offering 100k-5 Scales)

Looking for a Black T-Rex
(Preferably Gene Perfect)

Hi, It's me Helix again! I'm looking for a Completely Black T-Rex, I'd like it to be as close to Gene Perfect as possible, I'd like it to be LESS THAN 10 Days Old because I'm planning on Training it up to later breed to a selected completely black hatchling from my Battle Girl Dark Saga.

Other Info
What I want is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that has Hex Codes that are both as close to Pure Black (Black (#000000)) AS Possible!

This is crucial because When Dark Saga pops out her final Clutch and they hatch I want a Match for one of the pure black Hatchlings I get!

Eye Color Doesn't Matter.

Stats don't matter as I'm planning on Training them Anyway.

Will Pay More for someone willing to Collaborate and synchronize the breedings with me to Ensure that the Eggs Hatch at the Same Time!

It's a Big Plus if you have Egg Insight and can See what each Hatchling looks like/ How GP they are!

Will Pay even more if I get to choose the Egg with the Help of screenshots/Egg Insight!


Hatchling That's Already Hatched 100k

Hatchling That's Yet to be Bred 200k

Collaboration Hatchling 5 Scales
MUST be willing to Provide either Screenshots or Written Info on each Egg so that I can choose the Best Option. Egg Insight is required to Tell what Color/GP the Hatchling is. Also willing to Trade off Eggs if you'd prefer that Much for New Blood!

If you have a Hatchling/Egg to Offer or Want to Collaborate Feel Free to Post!

*Is sitting in a spinning chair stroking a miniature t-rex*
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Hi! I don't know if I would be much help, but I Have a black T-Rex (not selling) that could possibly be of help to reach your dream T-Rex with breedings. I just started back on Exhibited and have some catching up to do and learning more with breedings/genetics, please let me know if you would be interested in collabing!!
Gone but back again.
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