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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Dinosaur Clear Out!
I'll flooding the cheap sales in a little bit, all dinos should be in the range of of $500-2500 depending on age and stats. I kinda wanted to start some of my enclosure over, pretty much all sales will be the more "common" species (Ei, lab bred). I kinda want a 'fresh' start, but I don't want to get rid of my large Carnos because of how difficult it can be to get them and I've pooled a lot of time, work, and money into them. Feel free to buy as many as you want. Any large carnos for sale will be more expensive though. I'll restart the enclosure population when all are sold.
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Post: #316252
That's why I saw a few dinosaurs in the sales tab today.

Glad to see the economy slowing being brought back.
Post: #316253
They aren't going anywhere! All will stay until they either are sold or die of age/euthanasia. I am selling elders so if peeps want to take care of em neat! If not, they won't be on sale for long because of their age.
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Post: #316255
Also! None of them will have a breeding contract established on them so you can have them breed as many babies as you want/they can have in their lifetime!
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Post: #316256
Some have been sold! There are still plenty of them still up for sale!
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Post: #316257
I'll wait till the 5th, but after that I'll probably just release them since no one wants the Lab dinos. Get these ones while you can! If not they will still be chilling around in the Reserve, but you get a random dino instead of a specific pick.
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Post: #316258
I am interested in your male allos I might request a private stud if you aren't willing to sell them. I just want one of them and my ladies aren't getting any younger.keep in mind I am usually lurking not logged in to avoid aging my dinosaurs more than I have to.
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