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You know what would be nice, but will probably never be implemented? buying/renting extra incubators. They'd be 5-10 scales each (Or have a starting price that steadily increases over time) and you'd cap after a certain amounts (Maybe 6? or 4? Maybe the cap increases depending on if you are upgraded or not?) It's nice to have the extra incubator, the problem (though nice) is after you upgrade and get it, you also get two eggs per pairing so you still fill them up at roughly the same rate. This way both upgraded peeps and non-upgraders can incubate more eggs at a time (Especially the larger farms with large amounts of "livestock"). I just find myself getting limited on which pairs I breed, so I end up neglecting some of the species I own and they end up dying out. Idk, just seems like a concept to toy with. Some might disagree, but this is just my opinion.
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This would be nice, Im a little selective with breeding pairs as well because most of the pairs I decide to breed end up with full/near full clutch of all or most 6/6 GP so at that point I look for color, eye color, and markings
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