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dinosaur sell out
eh would anyone be interested in buying out my dilophosaur and Tbird enclosures? Pretty positive none of them are inbred. I decided I want to breed only Rexes for now, I want to switch to only big carnivores eventually. If youre interested let me know and give me some prices you'd give for the ones you're interested in
Plus the way I started to do the rex breeding and naming is much better and eliminates inbred chances and I don't feel like changing the dilophs and Tbirds to be similar.
Also I might be open to selling a few rexes or doing custom breeding if youre interested
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i bid on some of your t birds :3
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For the Tbirds Im going to set up bids for no more than a week after the first bid, if your bid gets rejected then someone else bid that price or higher before you, kinda like the herbies do
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