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So I recall herbivores breeding during the 20th to 23rd at least I believe thats when it happens.I don't recall though how long it takes for the herbivores to grow up. Is it the same time as a carnivore which is 10 days? Or is it different? Thanks for any input
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Also how long does it take to increase an herbivore's meat grade?
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part of me wants to say it takes almost 20 days for maturity and that all herbivores reproduce once a month... not sure the exact day. I want to say it also is around monthly if you just worm the herd on time.
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thankies, Ill prob keep track of it and make note eventually once it starts happening but im 90% positive its the 20-23 of every month, I used to play hardcore and have 2 other accounts which I sadly forgot the info for
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