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Dimetrodon Project
Hello all, currently I've been breeding dimetrodons, more so to get rid of the inbred %. So far we've got individuals at 5% and eggs with around 2%, so not too much longer. After we get to the point where it's 0%, I'll probably cull all the others. So expect more dimes soon enough!
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Post: #316194
I've never had Dimes before to be honest.
Post: #316195
They are pretty hard to get without buying one bred. The items to turn lab dinos into them costs 50 scales each.
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Post: #316196
They sound expensive.
Post: #316198
Yep. Was fortunate to buy one Dime female, she was like 42% Inbred, so I figured I'll whittled it down to 0 because why not? Also I think bad genes tend to stack up the more inbred they get.
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Post: #316200
I looked at them and you're almost down to 0% inbred.
Post: #316205
Yeah, two more generations ( the 1st of these already incubating as we speak!). Then I'll focus on markings and genes and the like.
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Post: #316207
I am actually excited to see the Dime babies.
Post: #316208
take a look at my dimes if you need a stud or something im sure you can find one you like

My Account Id 13894

Sad times fall upon us all..
Post: #316270
I've got a pure stock now! Completely Clean! I'll be selling babies in the future!
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