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What would you raise on Evosaur?
Figured it wouldn't hurt to talk about potentials. From what I saw in the dino preview I'd prob start off with triceratops tbh, as much as I like raptors and other carnivores I think it'd be cool to start out nearly completely opposite of what I did here. I'd also probably work on parasaurolophus too. Can think of a lot of designs I like there.
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dire wolves and I'd howl when I got new pups
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Post: #316047
I'm super excited about the mammals.
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Carnotaurus or Dire Wolf (oof)
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Since messing around with the genetic evaluator and based upon the breeds that are modifiable, I will have to say I will probably start off with Dire Wolves or Allosaurus.

That being said, if Acrocanthosaurus ever makes an appearance, I will quickly changes gears.

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I know I am a few months late, but probably the Raptors, Sabertooths, and Direwolves.
Post: #316216
Either the Dire Wolf, Plesiosaur, or the Pterandon
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honestly ive not checker the new list of animals or whatnot. If dire wolves like people are saying would be available, then them possibly. It would also depend on how similar the new site(s) are to exhibited money and dinosaur wise. The best way I've found to earn cash on here is by fabros or enchinos. Buy them at the lab then sale/recycle the meat for a quick and high profit
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honestly id really enjoy if exhibited stayed and they reopened it.

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I wouldn't mind a re-open either since it's been around 3 years since the site was closed.
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