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Possibly Selling Rexes & Terror Birds
So pretty soon my Stock of Terror Birds and Rexes will need to be sold, but since the Rex lines are super close to my heart I may wait.

I was wondering if anyone was in the market for Terror birds or Rexes?

I'd be fine with trades as well so that my breeding stock doesn't get stale.

Please post here if interested! We can discuss here as well!
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Hi there! I have not played in forever, but I would be looking to get back into it, if you have Rexes and Terrors for sale? ^^

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I'm majorly interested in terrors, but I wouldn't mind trading some. I'm hoping to keep my own breeding stock from going stale. I'd also be willing to trade some rexes for other rexs or terror birds as well if you are interested.
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