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Dinosaur Breeding

Looking for a stud or you recently put your dinosaur up for stud? Find and advertise here!

Public Stud List (Add onto it with your own)
I just thought it would be nice to start a list of studs (Female, Male, Any species) for easy access especially if you haven't friended many people and can't catch other breeders who happen to be online when you aren't. Feel free to add your own as I'll be updating it as I make more studs or if the current studs age out.

Celery (Price = $25000)(F) -
Dart (M) -
Rad Lines (Price = $25000) (F) -

Gull (M) -
Guardian (M) -
Specks (M) -

Snap (M) -

Seizure (M) -

Scourge (M) -

Candy Floss (M) -

Fern (M) -

Blues (M) -

Casper (M) -

Phosphor (M) -

Males should all be $500, I'm gonna put custom prices for females as they take more time to recover.

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Acrocanthosaurus Studs:

Males: (7k public stud fee each)

-Blazing Skies:
-King Midas:
-Sly Cat Eye:
-Toxic Waste:
-Hidden Glade:
-Grey Wolf:

Females: (40k private stud fee each)

-Fall Into Eternity:
-Trail Of Tears:
Breeding Grade A+ Acros for anyone who is interested in high quality animals with good lineages and conformation.
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