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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Native's Acros For Sale (Chicks and Adults)
From now on, here is where I will post my Acro adults/chicks for sale. For more information concerning pricing, please refer to my park information page. There you will find the certain criteria I use in order to price my dinosaurs. Dinosaurs for sale will be located in my enclosure marked "Acrocanthosaurus: For Sale", not the main enclosure.

Park Page/Pricing Criteria: Link
For Sale Enclosure: Link


-Subtle Lover: Link
Gender: Female
Genes: GP
Eye Color: Orange
Perfects: 6
Price: $300,000
Notes: Will add softness to bright colors. Best bred to males who are brightly colored.

-Forested Savannah: Link
Gender: Female
Genes: GP
Eye Color: Purple
Perfects: 6
Price: 300,000
Notes: Adds great contrast to offspring's color/markings


-Hidden Glade: Link
Gender: Male
Genes: GP
Eye Color: Blue
Perfects: 6
Price: $290,000
Notes: Will add subtly to colors and markings.

-Blazing Tint: Link
Gender: Female
Genes: GP
Eye Color: Blue
Perfects: 6/6
Price: $290,000
Notes: She will be best bred to lighter colored males with dark markings. She will throw offspring with lovely, same-color gradients.

Recently Sold:

-Japanese Wreath
-Easter Flower
-Accidental GumTree
-Valentine's Felidae

Please feel free to contact with any questions, comments, or concerns. Prices are always somewhat negotiable. Have a good day everyone :)

Breeding Grade A+ Acros for anyone who is interested in high quality animals with good lineages and conformation.
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