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Dinosaur Sales

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Looking to buy new Acros
Hello all! Due to prolonged inactivity, the Acrocanthosaurus breeding stock has decreased drastically. If anyone has an individual they are looking to sell, please contact me. I am looking to breathe some life back into my breeding program by bringing in some new blood into my lines.

Looking For:
-Male or Female
-Younger the better
-Preferably 6/6 perfects
-Nice colors
-Decent genes

I write that list however, I won't be overly picky considering there isn't much to pick from as of late.
There is no real budget since there's not a lot of money going around these days. Send me a pm and we can work something out, whether it be currency, trade, or a free breeding to one of my studs.

Breeding Grade A+ Acros for anyone who is interested in high quality animals with good lineages and conformation.
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Check out mine! I am currently working with them. Let me know what you like (pick at few at least, I have some favs).
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I've been breeding a bunch, I'll probably start selling some soon just take a look every once in a while. I put all the genes in the description translated. Can't guarantee all will be 6/6, though they'll be close.
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