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Dinosaur Breeding

Looking for a stud or you recently put your dinosaur up for stud? Find and advertise here!

LF: New Dinos
I've come back to the game after a long hiatus XD (kinda forgot about it)
and would love to get some new dinosaurs for my enclosures.
-I have several for breeding purposes if someone would like to stud them, I will link the ones that I think will attract people here.

LF: Dimetrodons, Carnatosaurus, Spinosaurus and Allosaurus. I love the 'skull & bone' markings, and I think it's called, Rattlesnake is naother marking I'm fond of.

This is how it would work:
I breed my dinosaurs with either mine own, or one of yours for free, you can keep all eggs. I have none of the above dinosaurs I'm looking for, so you would have to breed your dinosaurs (Allosaurus ex) with yourself. And I'd get eggs from it. I can offer a bit of money too, if the egg trading doesn't suit your fancy.

Dinosaurs available for breeding:

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I've got Spinos and Allos <3
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