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Dinosaur Sales

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Anyone Selling Baros?
I haven't had much luck with finding a baro herd in the Lab ^^"
I am wondering if anyone is willing to sell me a herd? At least one of each gender, I'll buy them :)
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Post: #315928
I've got a bunch of Baros. How much you've got to offer?
Post: #315929
I have $500,000 to spend :)
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Post: #315930
How much are you looking for? If that's not enough, I can work for some more quickly
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Post: #315931
I'm just happy that there's other players still around. Don't worry about price. What do you feel like would be fair for you? I have more than enough baros to go around.
Post: #315932
Would $300,000 be okay for a bull and 4 cows?
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Post: #315933
I don't know what they usually go for, sorry if the above price is too low; I can raise it ^^
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Post: #315934
Hey Hecker, I just put some up for auction - severely underpriced. If you want them go for it!
Post: #315935
Ooh, will do! Thank you much :O
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