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Why do you still play?
I don't know about everyone else but I am definitely not who I was when I started playing. I went from shy 11 year old to juvenile delinquent but for some reason I never left. Well, I stopped playing because of Evosaur, but I never stopped dropping by to chat every couple weeks. If my friends now knew about my EX friends they would call me a nerd then set my socks on fire in my sleep.
Yet for some reason it's still worth it. Why bruh?
Eating people cures Lynks disease.
Post: #315917
the people! like you and the random conversations I have with you!
'Sanity? What would I do with a useless thing like that?' Kenpachi from Bleach
Post: #315921
I'm still in love with my Troodons. I left for a while (work, school) but I went back to it. Someday I'll have a superpowered group of Trudies :)
Post: #315922
I also like the role playing...
'Sanity? What would I do with a useless thing like that?' Kenpachi from Bleach
Post: #315924
I usually check for news of Evosaur but I am very worried that it may not happen.

I sometimes get a pull to come back and play. I love my dinosaurs but without any in game updates it is hard to stay motivated to continue.

Post: #315925
The people.Are just so fun to be around. Also I'd like to breed a steady supply of allos for everyone. If they are wanted. Of course
Post: #315926
I used to play this game because of my friends. Now I think I'm coming back for myself.
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