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Dinosaur Breeding

Looking for a stud or you recently put your dinosaur up for stud? Find and advertise here!

Any Serious Breeders Left ?
Just wondering is there any serious breeders left on here ? so many farms with no dinosaurs
breeding for Gps 6/6 perfects high stats ect no one?

To Preserve and Prosper.
Post: #315909
Been trying my best to breed in some decent color and GP. But I can only do so much.

Also been trying to breed inbred out Allos and its taken me at least a few months..

:C Wish there were more studs and people open to help expand in the breeding on this site.
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I can stud my dinos if interested.

There is a Carno,Deino, and Spino.
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Im willing to help outbreed allos its kinda what i did to get mine my males are up for stud but its pricey because every baby they father id prefer them to be none inbred so your not gonna breed a 300k award winning male allo to a 100% inbred female level 1 its just not good for the general state of the active breeding dinosaurs that are still here

To Preserve and Prosper.
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Same here, though i need to start training my guys and gals to bring their stats up. Though lately I've been breeding for decent color patterns and Perfects. Yeah Im pretty lame about it, but so far it helps, and also to keep the inbred out of my Allos.
Post: #315915
just getting back after a year or so and its so quiet..... Trying to breed some of my favorites again
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I've been breeding a lot of the less common species (ei non-lab dinos) as well as the lab species. Been bringing back Arcos, Rexs, and Carnos. I'm hoping to try for some T-birds, Spinos (I used to have some but they all died out), Dimes (Ditto Spino), and Barys. I've been limiting the male studs I have cause I'm afraid of potential inbreeding further down the line. I've been mostly breeding for color and stat boosting genes. I've also been working on breeding out stat lowering genes. Perfects are more or less an added bonus.

All current projects are 0% Inbred though so that's a plus.
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Post: #315954
All my Acros are prime breeding stock for color and rare eye colors. I worked very hard to bring difficult eye genetics into their lines. If you are interested in using any of my studs, please let me know.

Breeding Grade A+ Acros for anyone who is interested in high quality animals with good lineages and conformation.
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I'm breeding herrerasaurus. Unfortunately can't do much since there aren't many other people who haven't breed to lancer or the other main male.
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I guess I am, I try to keep the bloodlines preserve and I'm aim for 6/6 perfects and nice coat designs + 0% inbreds
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I breed:

I public stud all of my males.

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