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The Glory Days of Exhibited
Back in the active days of exhibited it was possibly the nicest community of people around all dinosaur lovers that got on .The boards thrived with content for every one and studding was a breeze... anyone else care to share something about the old exhibited ?

Feel like we all got caught up in waiting for Evosaur we forgot how much of a great game this is i for 1 am going to try be more active i hope to see someone on here someday for now im lonely 1 online member :(

Selling Terror Birds And More!! check out my farm !!Cant Wait For EX2!!
Post: #315906
I quit breeding because I thought Evosaur was right around the corner and didn't want to start projects I was just going to abandon. I think that was about 2 years ago now.
I feel like as soon as I start something new on here Evosaur will pop up.
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Post: #315907
Same here but as far as we know it could be another year and i never picked up Trexes for that reason but i guess if we slightly revived exhibited abit that evosaur wont feel so long away

Selling Terror Birds And More!! check out my farm !!Cant Wait For EX2!!
Post: #315908
when the boards were hopping and I didn't have to bug any of my fellow roleplayers to post... Speaking of which I'm gonna go PM the guy also never use my shout box I find it annoying.
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Post: #315910
Still lurk this game a little. Can't wait for number 2!
Post: #315914
if it even happens honestly..been waiting for 2 forever.
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