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Dinosaur Breeding

Looking for a stud or you recently put your dinosaur up for stud? Find and advertise here!

Low of funds..Cryo Genetic Perfect Breeding Season
Welcome 1 welcome all to the fantasic cryo paradise breeding season limited time offer stud prices availble for males and maybe even females message me with the dinosaurs names and species and we can make a deal on money ive not been in awhile so prices im not caught up with Gp dinosaurs stud fees will be higher
Breeding Season Male Studs Enquire about female
i accept scales as payment for studding message

Elders Cheap Breeding Get it while they live
L24 NB SandShark GP
Award winning Dimetrodon Male stud cheap in his last days of breeding to get some more dna out there and stop inbreeding.. Genetic perfect and none inbred 50k gp dimey

L27 GD Geo GP
Award winning male allo none inbred Gp And 6/6 to stop the inbreeding of allosaur cheap stud in his old age 50k GP ALLO NOne inbred

Selling Terror Birds And More!! check out my farm !!Cant Wait For EX2!!
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