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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Dinos Galore, For trade and sale.
I have dinos of all sorts for sale and for bid.

Pay attention to this as I am not changing it. Prices range from 5000$ - 25000$.

I will be breeding more babies to sell and giveaway. I am also looking to trade also.

Dinos for sale will not be reserved. First come,first serve.
Post: #315892
Acros and some Allos are for bid!! 25000 For Mininum bid! Check em out! I am also willing to trade!! PM me!!!
Post: #315894
Allos and Acros that had bid on them are now for sale!!

Post: #315899
I have Deinos, Allos, Acros, Rexes For sale/bid. Take em while you can, lowest price i got is 500$$ to at least 15000$$$..

Come and get em, also willing to take trades.
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If you ever sell any






Let me know.

+3 hours to server clock
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