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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Never mind, these dinos are no longer available.

Coming back after a long hiatus, I've got more dinos than I know what to do with. I'm selling the extras off.

Dino Name: Dino Egg
Gender: F
Stats: STR 10.9 INT 9.99 SPD 5
Number of 'Perfects: 3
Starting Bid: $300
Link to Dino:

Dino Name: Baby Ceola
Species: Coelophysis
Age: 13(5yo)
Gender: F
Stats: STR: 2.4 INT 6.76 SPD 8.64
Number of 'Perfects: 1
Starting Bid: $250
Link to Dino:

Dino Name: Dino Egg
Species: Megaraptor
Age: 4(2yo)
Gender: M
Stats: STR: 17 INT 8.89 SPD 7
Number of 'Perfects: 2
Starting Bid: $200
Link to Dino:
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