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Dinosaur Sales

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LTB Dodos & Selling Various
Long story short I hadn't been around since sometime in 2015. Thankfully I remembered all of my log-in information so I am back to play with my virtual dinosaurs.

I'm looking to buy Dodo's. A handful of them maybe if possible? I'm not sure how much of a long shot this is but I'm on the look out.

I'm also currently going through my dinosaur enclosures and getting rid of various things. Mostly perfect genetics, high stats, and all. Or a combination there of above.

If any of you few still remaining need some new bloodlines for Rex's, Spinos, Dimes, Micro's, or anything that I have please feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can to help.
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welcome back. Most of mine are old so can't help you with dodo's. Hope you find some

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Thank you very much TT I am excited to be back c:
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