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Talk about anything and EVERYTHING here, but keep it friendly.

7 Years
I joined this site when i was 11 and now im 18.. i loved this game and spent years playing it getting dinosaurs Gp among other things the community that we had was one of the most inviting and friendly everyone helped each other out and i liked that and when i eventually got on top i liked to think i helped people out too.

I for one can not wait for evosaur i havent found any game like this with dinosaurs and its unique. I hope the low memeber count will be a thing of the past when we finally meet on Evosaur

Wanna check out my hard work
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It's crazy to think it's been 7 years. Almost for me that is. I joined as an adult, so I'm just getting older haha. But I watched many of you grow up, and that's pretty awesome! Brandon, I remember you helping me out a bunch of times! :) I do hope the low member count will be a thing of the past on Evosaur too. But for now, I'll just log in when I can to play, because like you said, there's no other game like this one.
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