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Artwork: Sales

Post all artwork (whether it's tags, large images, characters) here that you have for sale.

hey anyone want some pay-what-you-want dino art

hey guys it's been a while and I would love some sketch fodder. drop me a link to a dino of yours and maybe I'll draw them??

feel free to leave some personality description or w/e too I just want some cute kiddos to doodle.

- Pay what you want -
as in if you want to give me something in return for art, go for it. I'll take anything you feel like; items, exd, good vibes, pictures of your cat, whatevs. just don't send anything until after you get art, ok?

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Post: #315804


an excited dirtyfoot dino!!

no idea if I'm going to keep using this style for the requests, I'm just doing w/e my heart tells me right now!

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Post: #315805
New New Egg!

if you're up for lolos!

Post: #315806 Here is my smelly dead boy
Time is +2 hours exhibited time. the Internet is like a sea and people are like jellyfish if they don't like each other stinging each other ain't going to do anything they need to float away to be better. - Spotters
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here you go smelly nerd


not super happy w the stylization so I guess you have to send me another lolo to try more thanks bye loser

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Post: #315808
Oh she came out really creepy I'm into it, thank you you big dork
Post: #315809
np thanks for the cat pictures jerkface

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Post: #315810
hey sammei have some overdramatic glow effect!!!!


also so far the only people who have given me cold hard cat-pics are zani and also spotty who didn't even request art. so everyone's gotta pay up and gimme some cute gifs ok

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Post: #315811
Sugar Sneeze

grandchild of original New Egg for lolo experiments.
Post: #315812

I need a pic of my gecko hold plz

Post: #315813
here you go smellfriend


still not sure how I want to stylize these lolos so you should probably keep sending me them???

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Post: #315817
If you're still doing these, can I get one of this guy? He was my first dinosaur.

I may or may not have a kitten video to pay you with.

Post: #315818
Hey would you mind doing this (I plan to gen in this badboi when evosaur comes out :D )

EDIT : shortened link X(
Post: #315819
Ascend and Escape

New New Egg's direct babe. \o/
Post: #315820
dea I got a little carried away so this file ended up huge if you actually look at it!


and I will gladly accept gecko pics!!

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