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I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but some areas on the site will not load for me. It’s not my internet connection. Areas where I’m having the most trouble is the training for my Dino’s in the map and loading a few of my carnivore enclosures.
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That only happens after daily reset, I think.
An hour after reset, I notice significant lag. I don't know how long it lasts. It's more than an hour, though.
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I'm getting it throughout the day :/ But maybe it is the reset. I'm also going to try and clear my history again clearing up cookies and maybe that will help?
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Thats weird I never experience lag when browsing
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Definitely try clearing your cache/cookies! If the problem persists, please make sure to catch what time it happens. It may just be different crons running in the background, though I'm pretty sure those are set to run upon site rollover or when you first log in.

Mind if I ask what web browser you're using? If you are using IE or possibly even Safari, the site seems to throw fits about it. It's not everyone, but those are the browsers most likely to cause an issue.

From what you're describing it sounds like a calculation slow down, which shouldn't happen. The pages that you're having the issues on only really do simple math or are affected upon first log on.

If you get any more information about the issue, or if clearing your stuff fixes it, let us know and we can go from there!
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Post: #315778
I use chrome on my laptop and safari on my iphone, having trouble with both. Right now I am not having too much trouble just a slight lag in the loading which is normal for my laptop and my safari was fine earlier. Its worse just after reset but persists throughout the day getting better as time goes on. I'll give an update when I log on after reset.
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Like I said, I get HUGE lag exactly 1 hour after reset, and persisting for quite a while afterwards. I only really notice it when looking at my Dinos and sometimes at my farm.

Afterwards, the site runs perfectly.

Clearing my cache and cookies didn't fix the issue.

I use Chrome/Firefox.
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Thanks for the extra information! I'd definitely rule it to be cron shenanigans, which is perfectly normal around reset. I checked how many dinos you guys have, and you're both in the low triple digit range. The site's probably spazzing a bit for both of you because of the large amount it needs to calculate. If it starts getting excessive or the site becomes unusable, feel free to let me know. I'll pass along as much information as I have.
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Thank you so much Spotty! So far its been only in the mornings for me, nothing really after about 11am Game Time. Clearing up my history helped my Safari but then again I haven't cleared it in over 3 months haha. No change on my Chrome though. I didn't even think about how many dinos I had causing the lag, but I think you nailed it on the head!
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