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Anyone Alive?
It seems almost as if everyone's gone. Kinda. I can still see the Online bar down at Game Statistics, but usually there's only 3 or 2 people on. Anyone who can confirm there's someone out there?
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~~The master of Spongebob memes~~
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*emerges from a coffin* Hello...
'Sanity? What would I do with a useless thing like that?' Kenpachi from Bleach
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I'm always lurking and watching O.O
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Bro, I ain't never gone, half the time I ain't logged in, but I'm watchin the activity
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Allo! There's normally around 6-9 ppl online whenever I'm online personally. There's a discord server that's pretty chatty, too
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Wowie. Living people!
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I'm only dead on the inside.

@Adflicta on telegram I'm on there everyday
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*pokes Nyx* really? you eat people are you sure you aren't going to have parts falling off you soon?
'Sanity? What would I do with a useless thing like that?' Kenpachi from Bleach
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hmm hoping this game is active still. played back in 2012, and turns out i remembered my log ins. if i can remember how to play ill be around for a bit.
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I've still got all my fingers and toes, no worries. Plus some extras I "borrowed", so if anything I'm extra alive.
@Adflicta on telegram I'm on there everyday
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