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Dinosaur Sales

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LF: Many Dino's!
Hello! I'm quite an experienced player (had a account previous to this one, since lost the log in info, you know how the story goes xD) Anyways, I've been unable to acquire some dino's I've had my eye on, and I've been hoping to receive some help from the remaining EX players ^^ perfects are not required, but please no inbred dinos ^^ Here are the ones I'm looking for:

- Baryonyx
- Deinonychus
- Guanlong
- Megaraptor
- Neuquenraptor
- Velociraptor
- Herrerasaurus
- Lolosaurus
- Oviraptor
- Troodon

I'm looking for a few breeding couples, please message me with the species as the subject, and include your price ^^

Thank you!
Time is 8 hours ahead of EXT. Breeding the big guys :D
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