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Seeking DODOS and Phorusrhacos
Got the Anchiornis for my last project! I'm now seeking Phorusrhacos and Dodos.

For Phorusrhacos, absolutely nothing matters. I just need breeding pairs.

Quality doesn't matter on the Dodos either. I just want them. :~P

Let me know your prices!
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I got a couple phorspharcos, you can check them out at my farm, tell me which ones you want bred, and I can sell you the hatchlings
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Ohh!! Thank you so much! I'd be interested in FrostBite and Terror Killer's offspring if that's okay. Female if possible.

Let me know how much you'd want, I'm not very educated on the current market given that not a lot of people still play, but I have enough. :)
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No prob :D
I'll let ya know through a message when the egg is hatched, any other breeding pairs you would like ?
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Actually pick 2 other breeding pairs, if you want another breeding pair, terror killer is too old to breed

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Ah, well it doesn't matter actually! I'm thankful that you're even willing to do this for me so any Terror Birds couples that are still of breeding age will work for me ^^ Just lemme know how much you'd like for payment, I'm not familiar with the current market ;w;
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