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Dinosaur Sales

Have a dinosaur for sale? Advertise it here!

Selling all my Dinos!
All of my dinos are for sale from 2000-5000 on my farm as I can't take care of all them much anymore.

2x Acros| $4000 each
4x Archaeopteryx| $5000 each
1x Bary| $5000
3x Spinos| $5000 each
5x Carnos|$4000 each
4x Rexes|$4000 each
1x Comps|$2000 each
1x Coelophysis|$5000 each

If you want some for cheaper thats fine, I happy to change prices (even though they're pretty low)
My albertos aren't for sale but if you do want them, message me about it, maybe we can work something out!
food is life
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