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Dinosaur Sales

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Buying Dinosaurs (Details within)
I'm undergoing a huge project right now, and with my current number of Dinos, I'm actually losing money daily.
Therefore, I'm in need of more battlers.

I'll list some requirements below:

Age: 40 or below
Species: Any (SEE BELOW v)
Quantity: If Deins, Velo, Utah, Allo, or Pyro I will accept any quantity. If it's any other dino, I'll accept no less than 5.
Price: Low prices preferred. I will spend less for Dinos closer to age 40.
Inbred?: I will take Inbreds. I need battlers, not breeders.
Genes: Don't care. I need battlers, not trial runners.

I'm not really good with specific prices, but seeing as I'll be needing to buy additional pens for extra species, I'd prefer for lower prices. I'm also not asking for too much, aside from age and bulk sales. I'm always open to negotiation, as long as high prices are not involved.
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